Iris Elise & Jordan Easley are a husband & wife videography and photography team capturing intimate weddings and adventure elopements in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

Avodah Co.

We’re the kind of photo + video team who make you feel like we should have been invited all along. Because we know the best days of your life aren’t planned by the minute; they’re lived and experienced fully in the moment. (And your wedding or elopement day should be, too!) 



Sure, we might guide you to a beautiful spot when the light is just right…but for the most part, we’ll feel like close friends organically documenting your day. And that’s how you're going to want to remember it.

Because when things are less posed, more present, you can be 100% yourselves. And those real, honest photos and moments captured in video are the ones you’ll look back on 50 anniversaries from now and say, “This one’s my favorite!! It’s exactly us.”

We’re not here to turn your wedding/elopement day into a photoshoot 

As your photo + video team,

Videographer & photographer

Passionate & purposeful

Husband & wife

I’m all about slowing down, connecting, & making every detail feel intentional

When I first picked up a camera, I was fifteen and had just moved to a new city alone. It’s crazy thinking about it now, but I learned everything I knew from my neighbor at the time and new friend, who was a professional photographer herself! It wasn’t long before I was spending all my downtime from work and school learning from creatives in the city and using my camera as a tool to make art and make new friends at the same time. Even my name, Iris, feels like a nod to seeing the world through reflections of light—the same way you take a photo. At the end of the day, my work as an intimate wedding and elopement photographer is about fulfilling the calling that God has placed on my life, and serving and celebrating couples on their marriage day and beyond.

I'm Iris Elise, your photographer

I’m all about the outdoors, a good cup of coffee, and making films that will make you belly laugh and ugly cry all in one 

Over the years, I’ve become known as the friend who always brings my camera along on National Park adventures and fun group hikes. I studied entrepreneurship and even had a coffee roasting business before meeting Iris, falling in love...getting married ourselves, then starting videography. I’m also the youngest of six siblings; almost all of my brothers and sisters are married with kids and they all still have their wedding videos on VHS! Over the years, I’ve watched them relive their commitments to each other. It’s an honor to know I’m giving others the same experience to relive their commitments through their story on film for years to come. 


We might be “the ones” if you also believe:

You don’t need to be in the spotlight to shine.

Small days are worth celebrating. 

The experience is everything.

There’s a reason so many of our clients are referrals and we have a 5 star rating on Google. From planning guides, to vendor discounts, to personalized gifts and professional printing services, to follow up calls and more, we’ve spent years crafting an intentional experience you’ll love from start to finish!

We believe stunning wedding photos and videos shouldn’t be reserved for big "lux" weddings only, as society might say. As intimate wedding and elopement photographers and videographers, we treat your day (no matter how small or simple) like the significant and meaningful celebration it is.

Let us guess — the last thing you want is to spend your whole wedding day with a camera in your face, right? Or, you're choosing to elope because you don't want 200 people listening to you say your vows. No worries! We’ll feel like friends AND flies on the wall for photos and film that are actually fun!

Iris Elise:

When I first met Jordan, he had a camera in his hands, so I probably should have known he was my person. But before we fell in love, we were friends who bonded over faith, photo/film, and really good coffee. Our community was not-so-quietly rooting for us to get together, but after my Corgi, Cleo, approved of him, falling for each other was inevitable! He soon after joined me in business and then there was no going back. Name one thing better than doing life with your best friend. I’ll wait. 

To say we lucked out in love would be a huge understatement


A week after we started dating, we were each other's dates to the friend's wedding that introduced us (later to become our officiant). A month after we met, I was shooting video for a wedding with her (for free, of course). A year after we met, I proposed to Iris in the mountains of Colorado. Even with the majestic backdrop, it was one of those moments when the whole world fell away. I read her a poem and we danced to our song before I got down on one knee. Photos of that moment are some of my all-time favorites. A year and a half later, and we were saying our vows in the forest of one of our favorite state parks with our favorite people surrounding us. And there's our 30 second love story for you!

When things were stressful (and trust us—some days were not so smooth!) the #1 thing that grounded us was looking forward to the “untraditional, but us” activities we’d planned. Things like: laid-back bonfire dinners, scavenger hunts, cocktail-making contests, worship nights under string lights, and hanging out with our dog and closest friends and family the weekend before we wed. Because when we were living in that space of enjoying each other and our people, all the things that seemed stressful just didn’t matter anymore.

Our wedding wasn’t exactly small, but it wasn’t traditional either! 

Speaking of which...

We were married at an amphitheater in the forest before God and the people who love us most. We explored the nearby lake, and then celebrated afterwards at an open air cabin down the street. It was a perfectly imperfect experience in every way. You should ask us about our "unity moment" or our last dance/candlelit sendoff. And you better believe we’ll be watching it back on video and looking through our photo album for the next 60+ years!

The Easleys  |  Est. on a Monday in September 2022

A note from Iris: When I started this business in 2017, it was under the name Iris Espresso Photo Co. But after a few years of business and a whole lot of dreaming, I knew I wanted a new name to represent the future of where I wanted the business to grow. So I started thinking and praying about what my business could become.

The name Avodah came to me in a dream, and I didn’t even know what it meant! In the Old Testament, God would offer a new name to represent a new beginning. Within the Hebrew language, a single word will often account for three different things. When I found out the Hebrew word “Avodah” means “work, worship, and service,” it felt like a calling and a gift. Those three values are the backbone of everything we do today.

The name Avodah represents 
something that will last beyond us.










We’re passionate about our art and find true joy in what we do, but our business is not a hobby; it’s a dedication. We feel a real responsibility to this work and to our people. It’s something we consistently show up for and challenge ourselves to improve!

We live by the values
work, worship, & service

Worship shouldn't be limited to Sunday mornings. From the beginning of Genesis, God invited us to create and to help bring order from chaos. The work we do at Avodah is our practice of worship, as we create something beautiful together and care for our couples.

We experienced firsthand that planning an intimate wedding can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful, emotionally loaded, and financially charged. That’s why we’re here: to walk with you through this season and serve you well with an experience that intentionally lightens the load. 










Our dream is to be able to 
serve the world through our work.

We support local, national, and global organizations monthly. When you support Avodah, you’re also pouring into the lives of deserving people in our community and beyond!

Check out the impactful organizations and ministries making a difference in the world.

As photographers and videographers that work in the elopement industry, we believe wholeheartedly in preserving and protecting the world in which we get to explore with our work.

We are Leave No Trace Certified and focus on sustainability forward practices in our business and in our personal lives. 

>. Girl Trip (Portland)
>. Young Life (Europe)
>. The Mercy Kids (Central America)




When I say 5 more minutes! I *might* mean 5 hours. Especially if editing is involved! (Excuse me while I set the zoom to 300%.)

When I say 5 minutes, I’m probably talking about being 5 minutes early. Or how long a pint of ice cream lasts in our fridge.




As a photographer, I help people slow down and stay connected. It’s the little moments that matter most to me, and they’re my favorite ones to capture!

As a videographer, I walk the line between being creative and methodical. The big moments only happen once, so efficiency goes a long way! 



It was always my dream to marry a videographer, travel the world, and not have to do my own taxes. I’m definitely the one who lucked out here, right?!

In school, I studied entrepreneurship and accounting. It was always my dream to own or run a business, so when I met Iris Elise, things fell into place. :)



…while I pull out my phone to take a photo. Usually of Cleo! He’s my whole camera roll.

When something important happens, I pull out my phone to take a video...



“Let’s go TODAY!”

“Let’s plan an adventure!”



 Hanging with our neighbors and eating dinner on our porch. 

When we’re not taking photos or videos*, you can find us:

Treating our dog Cleo like our firstborn child.

Attempting to find (or make) the perfect cup of coffee.

Exploring beautiful places in our own backyard and around the world.

*Just kidding. We’re pretty much always taking photos and videos. What can we say? We want to remember OUR real moments, too!

With our families
Drinking coffee
Traveling somewhere new

Snuggling our pup
Enjoying patio drinks
Venturing on a new hike
Singing in the car or dancing in the kitchen together

Hanging with friends
Listening to baseball games
Working on our house
Exploring the outdoors

In our spare time you can find us

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